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Library of Congress Washington DC


The Library of Congress possesses a large collection of original cartoon drawings, comic strips, caricature, and illustrations that are one means of documenting the United States' social, economic, political and technological change over many decades--as the curator expressed it, "a daily diary of American life." This exhibition of selected works from their collection was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the comic strip.

The architectural space presented problems, as the exhibition was to be installed in the lobby of the Madison Building, which is a main circulation area for Library of Congress employees as well as for the general public; and the budget was limited. We met these challenges by using an existing exhibit wall system, divided into thematic areas ("Humor" "Adventure" "Romance"etcetera) designated by bold graphics inspired by various visual conventions of the comic strip. We created a series of large colorful banners, featuring oversize cartoon character portraits, that were suspended over the exhibition, helping to direct the visitor's attention to the exhibition, to define the exhibition space, and to create an appropriately lively atmosphere.